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Ultrasound Partial Discharge Detector

Ultrasound Partial Discharge Detector

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PDD 100 : Ultrasound Partial Discharge Detector

The PDD 100 is a hand held non destructive inspection system which utilizes ultrasonic technology for predictive maintenance. The PDD 100, Receiver, is the primary component in the system, detects and converts ultrasound into easily recognizable sounds with in the human range of hearing and supplies output to a headset as well as to an analog meter. This could be used for various application like leak detection etc. But the focus here would be on partial discharge in the electrical power industry. 

Electrical Arcing & Corona Partial Discharge : When electricity escapes in high voltage lines or when it jumps across a gap in an electrical connection, it disturbs the air molecules around it and generates ultrasound. Often this sound will be perceived as a crackling or frying sound The PDD 100 have proved to be very effective for diagnosing corona/arcing during day-time in Power Transmission & Distribution Networks. 


The PDD 100 continues TAURUS’s history of taking the lead in pushing state of art technologies to new levels. This PDD 100 helps you to maintain safe distances from test areas and detect ultrasound from safe distance. The parabolic design enhances the capabilities of the PDD 100 ultrasound sensor by increasing the effective detection distance to more than 300 feet. Enhanced ultrasound detection is provided to the PDD 100 by combining the features of the already proven Ultra sound sensing technology with extended range and sensing capabilities. A pistol-like grip laser pointer, and rifle sights make the PDD 100 easy to handle and use. 

Advantages of Ultra Sound Testing :

Improved safety when testing with ultrasound : The PDD 100 is designed to test high voltage insulators and transformers for internal & external arcing and corona partial discharge safely. The PDD 100 can also be used to test critical equipment from a safe area. You can improve your safety practices as well as locate potential points quickly.

Find arcing and corona partial discharge : You can indicate and locate the ultrasound produced by arcing and corona discharge easily using the PDD 100. In many cases, ultrasound is produced before heat. Therefore, you can implement a early cost effective routine monitoring program.

Performs better : The PDD 100 have been tested on numerous occasions along side competitive technologies. The PDD 100 detects with ultrasound technology with better accuracy from greater distances than other devices.

Improves power transmission testing : You can increase the amount of electricity that reaches your customers and decrease power grid failure by using the PDD 100 to routinely monitor power transmission / distribution lines and transformers.