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PREZIOHM TFR is innovative product of TAURUS designed to measure impedance along with resistance of transmission line tower footing without disconnecting the overhead earth wire. The tower earthing has an important influence on a) Reducing the number of Faults in power system. b) Dealing with effects of proximity between power system and railway or telecommunication systems & c) Ensuring the safety of people near tower.

PREZIOHM TFR is a high frequency earth tester, used to measure the tower earth resistance to discharge transient power frequencies in to ground ensuring the equipment and personnel are safe from any hazard. Also useful in determining the effectiveness of lightning or surge grounding capacity of any tower by measuring the tower footing impedence. 

Discription : 

 PREZIOHM TFR is a portable system specially designed to measure impedance and resistance of transmission line tower footing without necessitating removal of top ground wire. 

PREZIOHM TFR has a wide measurement range (0to 2k ohms) and is immune to power frequency interference and its harmonics. The instrument is designed to operate in a highly induced environment and to give highly stable, reliable, repeatable readings with its strong capability of noise & leakage current/ voltage suppression.


  • Measures impedance along with resistance of the transmission line tower footing without isolating overhead earth wire
  • Automatic suppression of all noise and leakage currents
  • Metallic shielding to suppress EMI interference and EMC compliance
  • Dynamic measurement
  • Rock steady, reliable and repeatable readings in induced environment
  • High capacity battery for long and continuous operation