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Max 3

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TAURUS MAX- 3 EHF Overhead EHV AC Transmission line Analyzer is a state of the art offline portable kit, capable of detecting accurately any fault on EHV Transmission lines and also helps you to venture beyond, into innovative line signature analysis study, useful in predictive maintenance of Transmission lines. 

Need of the hour : The currently employed online measuring systems, part of the protective relay apparatus, is executed in real time and designed to trade off accuracy for speed of decision making. Need of high accuracy and dependability to detect the faulty tower is increasingly gaining importance as the demand is increasing to achieve a near 100% uptime. A stand alone, portable, offline kit capable of finding fault accurately to the tower (non system based, non stress affected), is required not only to accurately find faults, but also to declare line healthy after a short duration of sustained transient fault avoiding rigorous patrolling. A signature analysis study of the transmission line as an extended feature, will help the operation and maintenance team enormously in understanding their line better.

Description : The Max-3 EHF is a revolutionary innovative system significantly minimizes the transmission line downtime and overall line maintenance time. Max-3 EHF is the third generation, one of its kind product that works on the principle of multiple pulse echo co-relation technique, using advanced matrix processors. A single system offers a cost effective monitoring of all AC overhead de-energized lines from 66kV to 800kV, providing accurate information on all faults and line signature analysis, which give data of all inhomogeneous points.  


  • Offline Fault Location
  • Overhead EHV AC Transmission Line Signature Analysis
  • Line Healthiness Analysis and diagnosis
  • Commissioning of new Overhead Transmission Line
  • Virtual Line Patrolling
  • Predicts inhomogeneous points
  • Attaining Optimum Transmission line availability
  • Effective Maintenance of Transmission System
  • All types of faults & inhomogeneities in line will be located accurately in very short time