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LA Diagnosis Kit

LA Diagnosis Kit

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Taurus Multi LCM-40P measures very small leakage current of grounding line connected with lightening arrester. It can measure leakage current very accurately in high magnetic & electric field. It measures the leakage current to warn that an arrester is damaged or deteriorated and should not be energized. It is a diagnostic indicator of Zinc oxide surge arrester in service. It helps in making decision regarding the healthiness of surge arresters.


Ø The least influence from external magnetic field and noise by triple shielding for CT.

Ø Measurement with a resolution of 100nA with maximum accuracy.

Ø Harmonic current measurement.

Ø Easy & fast operation.

Ø Measurement of true RMS leakage current (Dominant and third harmonic current).

Ø Compliant with IEC 60099-5 method B1.


CT Sensor

CT Sensor of ALCL : 40mm

Inside Diameter of CT : 40mm

Opening/closing of the jaw : Spring operation

Withstanding voltage : AC 2200V, 1 minute between the core of CT and CT outer case

Measuring Part

Measuring Function : Leakage Current & Harmonic Current (Dominant & Third)

Measuring Method : CT Clamp sensor

Measuring Range : 0-300μA/3mA/30mA (3 range manual)

Input Frequency : 45-60Hz (Dominant Wave Frequency)

AC Conversion : True RMS Detection

General Specifications

Power Supply : 9 V Alkaline battery

Power Consumption : Approx. 20mW

Operating Circuit Voltage : : Less than 500V AC

Operating Temperature : 0~50°C , less than 80% RH, w/o condensation

Storage Temperature : -10~60°C, less than 70% RH, w/o condensation

Accuracy: (23°C ± 5°C, less than 80% RH)

Crest Factor: < 3 (0~50% of the range)

< 2 (50~100% of the range)

3.0 Harmonic Current (ALCL) (Dominant Current, 3rd Harmonic Current)

Measuring Method : PLL Method

Min. Dominant Current Input : More than 3% of full scale in each range

Accuracy : (1% ± 5 digit) ± (AC Current Accuracy) – (Tolerance influenced by adjacent frequency).

Dimensions & Weight of CT :

135(W)x166(H)x61(D)mm, 1000gs