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Harmonic Analyzer

Harmonic Analyzer

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The HWT-1000 is a harmonics tester that measures harmonic components on a commercial power line and
performs such measurements as that of the direction of generation of these components. It has one channel each of voltage and current input, and the PT ratio and CT ratio of each can be set, enabling first order conversion of the measured value. The HWT-1000 is capable of measurements from the fundamental frequency up to the 40th harmonic. Measurements can be made on single -phase, single-phase/3-wire, three-phase/3-wire and three phase/ 4-wire power lines, and measurement items are as follows.


  • Voltage/current harmonic spectrum display
  • Harmonic power/direction spectrum display
  • List of content and phase of each harmonic
  • List of RMS value and phase of each harmonic