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Extra High Voltage Detector

Extra High Voltage Detector

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The Modiewark is a Non-Contact & Contact Voltage Detector Proximity and Touch device that detects the presence of an alternating electric field. Its unique switching action allows for the identification of alternating currents at 200mm to 300mm away from a voltage source of 110 to 750,000 volts.

The Modiewark is used by industry professionals for live or dead voltage determination of outdoor overhead or underground at URD test points. Firstly as a proximity device to determine live or dead situations and then as a touch device to verify the tester has physically reached the AC field around designated mains under test.

The unit works indoors tracing voltage sources in power boards and cable fault detection.

The unique nature of the sensor plate within the unit allows for directional checks such as checking low voltage when high voltage is nearby. Induced voltages on isolated conductors are checked by increasing the Modiewark sensitivity.

Insulation Hot Sticks:

The Modiewark testers can be attached to an insulation stick. This increases range and minimal safe distances that are required for high voltages. To attach a Modiewark to an insulation stick, attach to the head of the stick using the sunrise (universal) fitting and secure tightly at the angle required.



Voltage sensing range: 50V AC to 750KV AC

Light source: 3*High intensity LED

Sound Source: Electromagnetic piezo 85 dB @ 5cm

Operating temperature: -10 to 65C (14 to 149F)

IP rating: IP 63

Weight (no Batteries): 300g

Dimensions: L= 230mm, W= 65.85mm

Cap diameter: 90mm

Battery Life: ON (no alarm) 140+ Hours
ON (self-test) 90+ Hours
ON (alarm on) 60+ Hours