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DC Earth Leakage Detector

DC Earth Leakage Detector

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DIGITRACE DC 451P simplifies the tracking of ground faults on floating DC systems in power station. It's an advanced sensing system which precisely identifies and pinpoints the complex earth faults on any floating DC system in ON-LINE condition. The fault resistance range is up to 400kΩ. It is capable of finding faults in a maze of noise and other mimicking fault conditions, source of which is perplexing and misleading. It is a portable system comprising of two units: Transmitter and The Receiver.

THE NECESSITY: DC floating System is an important part of any power station. Any earth faults on DC System can disturb the sensitive functioning of control units like trip relays, breaker etc., there by affecting the stability of the power station. Tracing earth faults in offline condition will interrupt the functioning of critical control circuitry and it is highly recommended to have an online DC Earth Fault Locator to find out the faults ON-LINE.


High sensitivity

Automatic capacitance balancing

Detects and pinpoints faults ON -LINE

Indicates and pinpoints mixing of sources

High capacity battery for long and continuous operation

Immune to 50Hz and its harmonics

EMC / EMI compliance

Protected with IP 67 pelican casing

Portable and easy to operate


Power Supply: Built-in rechargeable battery

Operating frequency: Very Low Frequency

Output voltage: Auto selected from ± 12 to ± 50V

Can be connected to any floating system from 48VDC to 300 VDC

Sensitivity up to 400kΩ

Fault tracing up to 3kms